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Traditional Crafts
Korean Traditional Crafts such as Norigaes, Hahoe Masks, Jewelry Boxes, Dolls, Wood Crafts...

Traditional Crafts There are no products in this category.


  • Mini Folding Screen
    Mini Folding Screen with Korean Folk Painting
  • Jeju Island Souvenirs
    Products that related with Jeju Island such as Hareubang and Haenyeo(Female Diver).
  • Korean Traditional...
    The goods related with Korean traditional pattern such as stickers and wallpapers.
  • Metal Crafts
    Korean traditional metal crafts such as golden plated crown or bells.
  • Fridge Magnets
    The beautiful and practical Fridge Magnets
  • Ceramics Products
    Celadon and Porcelain ware with Korean Traditional Patterns or Folk Paintings.
  • Korean Traditional Masks
    Hahoe Tal(Mask), Hahoe Mask Frame, Traditional Coloring Masks
  • Business Card Cases
    Business Card Cases made with Epoxy Resin, Mother-Of-Pearl.
  • Lotus Seeds Arts & Crafts
    Bracelets, Earrings, Keychains made with lotus seeds.
  • Cellphone Strap
    Knot Cellphone Strap, Two kinds of sets
  • Traditional Textile Goods
    Bokjumeoni(Lucky Bag), Bags, Cosmetic Bags, Coin Purses.
  • Fan
    Made with high quality silk and thin rib which is made with bamboo. The Fan's silk surface has the Korean Traditional designs or paintings.
  • Hand Mirrors
    These beautiful mirrors that catch woman's an eye made using mother-of-pearl or embroidery technique.
  • Jewelry Boxes
    Korean Traditional Jewelry Boxes which is made with Mother-of-pearl and Hanji which is traditional Korean paper handmade from mulberry trees.
  • Bookmarks
    Bookmarks in Traditional Shapes such as 'Hanbok', 'Ying-yan' mark, Bell, Crown, etc...
  • Keychains
    Handmade Embroidery/Knot Keychains, Metal/Nacre Keychains
  • Woodcraft & Wood props
    Ducks & Mandarin ducks woodcraft, Wood props, Jangseung which is Korean traditional totem pole at the village entrance, Tree Sculptures Frame.