Bokjumeoni(Lucky Bag)

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Big Size Silk Lucky Bag(Bokjumeoni)

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Big Size Silk Lucky Bag (Bokjumeoni) for various props.

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This item is a big size silk lucky bag(Bokjumeoni).

It was made in China with Korean fabric for reducing the costs.

Big Size Silk Lucky Bag Bokjumeoni


About Lucky Bag(Bokjumeoni)...

Lucky Bag made with color of the cloth with the meaning of a lucky omen[sign] Chinese Life (寿) • Luck[Good Fortune] (福) • Wealth (富) • Preciousness (贵) characters like a pattern to create a pouch that contains the meaning blessed bring about.

Korea's traditional costume(Hanbok) that you can not put things in their own clothes because there is no pocket, so it has been required that if someone want to carry something, he(she) needs a pocket for it.

At the age of Shilla, Goryeo, Joseon Dynasty, it was used in both men and women and by the social standing, its fabrics and colors are chosen.

In recent years when the women go out wearing a traditional costume, it is the role of the bag serves as a decorative addition.

Sometimes it is used to new year's gift in the Luna New Year’s day.

This custom is originated from the people of the Joseon Dynasty palaces send a bag which has roasted beans wrapped in red paper to their relative.

It has been believed that if a man(woman) wear a lucky bag at his(her) waist in New Year's Day, he(she) will be happy without misery through that year.

You may get your fortune buy this Lucky Bag(Bokjumeoni) :-)




These bags are very well made from good quality fabric.

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Big Size Silk Lucky Bag(Bokjumeoni)

Big Size Silk Lucky Bag(Bokjumeoni)

Big Size Silk Lucky Bag (Bokjumeoni) for various props.