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Effect of Makgeolli

How to make Mekgeolli makkoli makoli makuly

1. Easing fatigue

Makgeolli includes a variety of substances which promote fatigue recovery: moderate amount of alcohol and organic acid, methionine and alanine which are a kind of amino acid, vitamin B1, B2, B6, and etc.,

Moderate amount of alcohol in Makteolli removes fatigue substance accumulated in our body by promoting blood circulation and metabolism. Organic acid helps us to quench thirst and digestion with its refreshing acidic taste. Also, it promotes our metabolism so fatigue substance is not accumulated in the body, which leads to excellent effects in skin care. Vitamin B-complex in Makgeolli is beneficial especially for middle aged males and is good for fatigue recovery, skin regeneration and eyesight improvement.


2. Skin regeneration and whitening

Our skin needs an appropriate amount of moisture to keep its moistness and smoothness. Amino acid stimulates the enzyme helping recover skin elasticity. Among a large quantity of amino acid in Makgeolli, lysine, methionine, and histidine help skin to recover its elasticity; Vitamin B2 and B6  promote skin regeneration and whitening.


3. Diet and improvement of constipation

Lower calorie and more active yeast in Makgeolli compared to other alcoholic drinks are known to enhance the effect of digestive enzymes needed for our body. The essential amino acids, tryptophan and methionine, in Makgeolli is great for diet because they prevent you from getting fat while helping keep your weight. Moderate amount of alcohol in Makteolli helps to speed up metabolism, promoting blood circulation and secretion of digestive fluid so it is helpful to digestive absorption.

Dietary fiber in Makgeolli promotes colon exercise, which is a great help to improvement and prevention of constipation.


4. Eyesight improvement and adult disease  prevention

Phenylalanine, one of essential amino acids and vitamin B2 in Makgeolli is helpful to improvement of eyesight and prevention of adult diseases. Phenylalanine is plays an important role in generating neurochemical substance. It stimulates brain to improve memory and eyesight. Vitamin B2 breaks up cholesterol to prevent adult diseases. Lack of vitamin B2 leads to a swollen lip and failing of eyesight. Makgeolli includes vitamin B2 so it prevent eyesight from getting worse.


5. Improvement of liver function

One of the substances in Makgeolli is amino acid, which is effective in improvement of liver function. Essential amino acid methionine inhibits fat from excessively accumulating in the liver and helps detoxification of the liver and stimulation of liver function. As a result, methionine improves liver function by protecting and recovering the liver.


6. Improvement of blood stream

Blood produced in the bone marrow ceaselessly circulates our whole body through the blood vessels. It delivers oxygen, nutrient and hormone to the body tissues and eliminates waste matters. Also, it controls homeostasis of the body by maintaining a normal temperature. Therefore, blood plays a very important role in supporting our lives.

For this reason, smooth flowing of blood is very important to keep our body healthy so drinking moderate amount of Makgeolli have effect on improvement of blood stream.

In other word, Makgeolli hinders platelet aggregation, stimulating blood flow, speeding up blood circulation so we can expect effectiveness on improvement of blood stream, whis is good for prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


7. To lower cholesterol and the danger of high blood pressure

There are two different kinds of cholesterols in our blood, which have different functions. The level of low density(LDL) cholesterol, which is usually known as bad cholesterol, goes up when you eat a high-fat meal. LDL cholesterol accumulates in blood vessels, builds up plaque on the inside walls of peripheral blood vessels, and causes coronary artery diseases. On the other hand, high density(HDL) cholesterol, which is also called good cholesterol, transports the cholesterol built up in the peripheral blood vessels to the liver so it lowers the dangerousness of arteriosclerosis.

Makgeolli is good for preventing adult diseases like hypertension. This is because it reduces neutral fats and total cholesterol, one of the causes of cardiovascular diseases so it helps improve blood liquid. When drinking Makgeolli, the amount of HDL cholesterol increases so it has effect in preventing adult diseases.  The general medicines for high blood pressure prevent the disease 90%. Makgeolli is known to prevent the disease 80%, which is almost the same level with the medicines.  Lots of disease preventing substances are included Makgeolli lees. Therefore, shake it so they can be mixed very well before drinking.

Besides, Makgeolli reduces the dangerousness of causing hypertension. Renin-angiotensin system plays a significant role in controlling blood pressure. Angiotensin Converting Enzyme(ACE) in the system breaks up I and transforms it into antiotensin II, which strongly contracts blood vessels. So blood pressure goes up to the dangerous level, which leads to Hypertension.

One of the protein hydrolysates in Makgeolli, peptide hinders the activation of ACE, which causes hypertension. Therefore, Makgeolli has effect in preventing hypertension.


8. Antioxidant effect

Active oxygen is an oxygen compound, which is produced in the metabolic process of cells in the body and has high reactivity. Active oxygen is known to cause 90% of adult diseases such as aging, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, and cancer. Therefore, we should control our meal to intake enough vitamin C and E—good for antioxidant—to minimize the generation of active oxygen. Vitamin C in Makgeolli is a representative antioxidant. It removes active oxygen in advance, which is a cause of several diseases. Therefore, drinking moderate amount of Makgeolli helps remove active oxygen and maintain our health.


9. Prevention of cancer and suppression of cancer cell development

The lactobacillus produced in the process of making Makgeolli keep all sorts of disease germs from growing and developing. So if you drink Makgeolli, the lactobacillus increases good germs and decreases bad germs in the intestine. Moreover,    it kills harmful bacteria, which causes inflammation and cancer in the intestine, and strengthen immunity, creating a clean intestine environment.

Makgeolli Globalization Research Center of Silla University found out that the fraction layer of methanol of Makgeolli suppresses the growth of cancer cells. Other researchers also found out that injecting Makgeolli concentrate suppresses the growth of 60 percent of cancer cells like liver cancer, breast cancer, and cervical cancer.


Even though Makgeolli has endless benefits on our health like above, there are some points should note when you drink it. Remember to drink it appropriately. If you drink it too much, it will harm your organs such as the liver and colon.


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